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Saturday, March 24, 2012

So why ARE we supporting failed green alternatives?

  So we have all these liberals defending the vast billions of dollars spent on so-called green alternative fuels, saying it's a nascent developing field that will pay off in the long run.
  It's short sighted and foolish to ridicule these green failures in the short run, the apologists declare!
  So what excuse ARE we using to continue to pour billions of dollars into so-called green alternative forms of energy that cannot sustain themselves in the marketplace?
  It'll pay off in the long run?
  Any "industry" created by the government that cannot sustain itself in the marketplace becomes an entitlement.
  And, of course, provides a kickback to the politicians funneling the money their way.
  Are we claiming it'll save money in the long run because right now it's taxpayer dollars that are being wasted? Why would any reasonable company sink money in that hole?
  Are we claiming it's practical to suggest burning algae will overtake gasoline?
  Are we seriously claiming the green industries create more jobs than fossil fuels, regardless the number of green jobs that come and go almost daily?
  Are we claiming we're creating startup companies because so far that's not working.
  Or are we claiming RESEARCH is the purpose of why we're pouring billions of taxpayer dollars into an obviously ineffective and unprofitable sector?
  What are we researching?
  How much the American people will put up with before booting the current administration from office?
  But, hey, the New York Times has got his back!

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