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Thursday, March 15, 2012

At the UN, Dems wheel out the fog machine again

  Why would anyone think the Democrats support voter fraud?
  Just because Eric Holder is striking down voter ID laws around the country, even though the Supreme Court upheld them in Indiana years ago? 
  Just because the NAACP has gone to the United Nations to whine about voter ID laws, when the people on the UN panel don't even allow women to vote, much less have the privilege of presenting an ID card to express their opinions politically?
  Or would you think Dems support voter fraud because in Vermont, where James O'Keefe filmed himself easily obtaining ballots without showing any ID whatsover, no one is willing to investigate voter fraud but instead want to investigate O'Keefe?
  So when the Dems wheel out the aggrievement fog machine to the most repressive countries in the world, producing several victims of the Voter ID law to warn China and Cuba that this, too, could be your country if you're not careful!!!, is anyone really surprised?
  So, yeah, the United Nations Human Rights Council is populated by people who beat and kill women, Christians, gays.
  What's the big deal? What possible advantage could Democrats have in fighting Voter ID laws?
  Just an ordinary day in liberal politicking.

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