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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Biden: spine of steel? Uh, no

  So Biden's in Toledo today. The excerpts I heard were vile and divisive. Biden hit the three Republican candidates who are left, claiming only the man with the "spine of steel" cared about the auto industry and that 
  Biden bragged that they're about the "private sector" while Republicans are about the "privileged sector."
  Uh, no.
  The "private sector" is actually the public and privileged sector.
  Can anyone doubt this? 
  Obama has the spine of steel? I don't think so.
  Others claim Hillary should be prez in 2016 but now, as announced on radio today, if BIDEN (plagiarist, braggart, airhead) wants to run for Prez for TWO terms, he's good to go!
  Hillary will have to wait until later.

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