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Friday, March 30, 2012

Obama...always on the wrong side

  It's beginning to look like the Cambridge police incident (The Cambridge police acted stupidly!) set the precedent for this presidency.
  The President of the United States, who reads numerous letters from citizens every night as attested to by his wife, apparently didn't read the letters from the parents of the two British citizens who were murdered for being white in Florida.
  Meh. Not interested.
  Apparently the torching of a White boy for being white is also of no consequence. Just a boy, after all.
  Meh. Not interested.
  The Department of Justice decides not to charge New Black Panther voter intimidators. 
  Gun running in which Border Agents and hundreds of Mexicans are killed.
  Bleh. How boring.
  A bankrupt country?
  Ho hum. Just print some more money!
  Your Treasury Secretary hasn't paid taxes? Who cares? Appoint him anyway!
  How about give away our nukes? And our country's DEFENSE SECRETS.
  Yikes! The globe is in a particularly peaceful state right now so why worry?
  Coal. Oil. Health care. Auto. These industries are inconsequential and need government control. 
  Our current POTUS also has a wonderful grasp of sports, having placed his faith in numerous teams only to apparently curse those teams from ever being winners in that playoff.
Kansas Jayhawks
Olympics to Chicago
Colts Superbowl
Chicago Bulls
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
University of Kentucky
Indianapolis Colts
  We have the evolution of a story in which the media has decided who's guilty without knowing any of the facts. Take a 5 year old picture of a 17 year old child and blast that to the media. 
  Take the mug shot of the aggressor and run those 2 pics side by side. 
  Make sure not to show the gold teeth and gang tattoos of the 17 year old child, who had exhibited classic symptoms of a high schooler going down the wrong path because that might prejudice the case.
  So the POTUS goes on tv and says the 17 year old child looks like his son
  Numerous racial incidents happening across the country are irrelevant to the POTUS. He, after all, has a bomb proof car and bus to ride around the country in. Racial tensions are high around the country. The DOJ AG calls one race "my people." The rest? Meh.
  A congressman goes on the House floor wearing a hoodie, and proclaiming solidarity inciting racial hatred while men wearing hoodies in solidarity murder 2 people and wound 11 others in his district but these incidents are not worth the POTUS's time.
  Thirteen year old daughter wants to take her classmates to Mexico for spring break? Charge it to the taxpayers.
  Hey, and if the wife wants to travel the world on the taxpayer dime, that's not even a problem! Just charge the taxpayers, many of whom aren't in Las Vegas, as per their POTUS's command a few years ago.
  Squander great quantities of time when your party has complete control of the government on an unconstitutional takeover of a private industry. Regardless whether people want it or not, ram it through.
  Support Jon Corzine. Martha Coakley. Creigh Deeds.
  So let's get this straight.
  Our current POTUS had made some pretty good decisions, don't you think?
  Great judgment.
  We are in good hands.
  By all means, let's reelect this man.

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