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Monday, March 19, 2012

Princess Malia travels to Mexico

  Here's a question.
  Would YOU let your 13 year old daughter travel to a foreign country without a parent?
  Even if she were guarded by 25 Secret Service agents? (link to The Telegraph removed as they've pulled the story, for some reason. Something very interesting going on here. Most of the stories have been pulled from around the web. Who? Here's one that's still up.)
UPDATE: Daily Mail has posted a story. On the costs of such a trip, which apparently includes teachers and other students:
Air Force Two costs $11,351 per hour to operate, and the trip from Washington, D.C. to Oaxaco is nearly 8 hours long. The pricetag: $181,616 for the round trip flight, not to mention the cost of maintenance while on the ground.
According to previous reports, it costs $281 to use one Secret Service agent per day. Considering Malia's group is being shepherded by 25 such agents, the total cost will come to $42,150 if the trip runs through Thursday.
  And would YOU hand over the bills to the taxpayers which have to run into the millions considering that 12 friends went with her? Considering that it costs $200.000 an hour to run Air Force One? AN HOUR? 
  So how much is the just-turned teenager going to cost the American taxpayer? But, HEY! Everyone wants to have fun on Spring Break, right?
  And Malia's no exception. (BTW, the Obamas have made a conscious decision to USE their children as reelection props and also have USED this particular child to run up a taxpayer bill, so this Mexico vaca is FAIR GAME in politics.)
  So if Michelle is expecting to be treated like a Queen, I guess she figures her princess daughters deserve the same treatment.
  While it's true that the White House isn't a prison, there are certain limitations that come with public life. 
  One is that you can't go everywhere you want whenever you want.
  And again it's the optics.
  We're paying $4 a gallon for gas out here which means people aren't traveling as much or cutting back in other areas and yet the Cartoon Prez figures it's okay to send his daughter to MEXICO alone?
  Would he have done that if he had been in private life? Sent off the daughter without parental escort to a violence ridden country? 
  Or is he simply taking advantage of the office and the taxpayers' beneficence?
  Perhaps the Obamas would be better to accept the fact that times are tough and save the fancy trips around the world for when THEY have to pay their own freight, including for security for their children.

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