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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Compare Hutaree treatment with New Black Panthers

  It's been bizarre today, watching the nasty behavior of some people in this country, including law enforcement to inflame the resentment and racism of certain individuals.
  In one situation, we have Dick Gregory claiming that Israel confiscated the body of Treyvon to harvest organs from it.
  In the video of this, we are treated to a bizarre juxtaposition of American citizens holding their 21st century iPhones up to record the bizarre, paranoid and viciously untruthful diatribe.
  How can we be so blind and prejudiced in this decade?
  In another situation, we have the New Black Panther party claiming they will have raised a million dollars to take George Zimmerman, dead or alive.
  Up in Detroit, Malik Shabazz in Detroit declared that if the state tried to appoint a city manager, he'd "burn the city down" because it was being run by "white . He walked that statement back today, but still...
  Today a sane judge did the right thing by dropping the charges against the Hutaree, who seemed to be not much more than a few outlanders who talked about hating the government. 
  Today the judge dismissed most of the charges:

But there never was an attack. Defense lawyers say highly offensive remarks about police and the government were wrongly turned into a high-profile criminal case that drew public praise from U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who called Hutaree a "dangerous organization." 
Militia leader David Stone's "statements and exercises do not evince a concrete agreement to forcibly resist the authority of the United States government," Roberts said Tuesday. "His diatribes evince nothing more than his own hatred for — perhaps even desire to fight or kill — law enforcement; this is not the same as seditious conspiracy."
  So we are treated to the spectacle of the Justice Department and local authorities allowing Shabazz to threaten fire and the Panthers to threaten death for a local citizen with no intervention contrasted with some White pathetic Michigan hill people being brought in on ridiculous charges.
  Where's the justice in this?
  And worse, where's the Department of Justice? 

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