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Friday, March 16, 2012

Government ads are orwellian and threatening

  I'm so glad someone recorded this ad.
  It's so mean spirited, judgmental and Orwellian.
  Controlling of citizen behavior.
  It's the government pumping up little Billy to go to the state fair but saying sadly that Billy won't be able to go because his parents  haven't saved enough energy! (and the government has cut coal/energy producers but I digress)
  Listen to it. This  ad is sandwiched on radio in between HHS weepy ads about lupus and every one in 6 people is HUNGRY! HUNGRY!, I tells ya.
  This is not unlike the morally reprehensible ads run by in which the parents, instead of building patterns of good behavior, LIE to their children to get them to "move."

In this ad, a mother lies to her children about the energy consumption and their activity. She pretends that there's a power outage rather than TEACHING them good behavior.

Here's another built on LIES. Ain't it cute to lie to your kids instead of teaching them good life patterns of behavior?

  Personally I support movement, physical activity and good eating patterns. I do NOT support lying to your kids to gain success rather than training them to do what's right.
  That our GOVERNMENT would CHOOSE to use this treatment to resolve bad behavior is beyond reprehensible and reveals a great deal about the people in charge.
  We can't accomplish the same goals through truth?
  Apparently not.

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