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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bill Maher, Fair and Balanced.

   Well, I just watched the video of Bill Maher and Alexandria Pelosi and  the view they portrayed as "both sides". I have never doubted Maher's political leaning, but now it appears to be more of a limp. To put this out there and suggest this is a snapshot of either side is pathetic. It sounds so bad to hear some toothless white guy say "its because he is a half breed", because we all hope we've moved beyond that in our country. But are you telling me that the snapshot of both sides has boiled down to those 2 depictions. Really, lets go out and find the least articulate people we can find and put them on camera, poke fun at them and see how the right and left react to it... Oh give me a break. We all know what is going to happen... we saw it live.
    As a "white male" I was offended by the remarks of the "rednecks" even though I understood some of their comments. Even though some of the comments are conservative, smaller government echos, they are still embarrassing. But what about the other absurdity of going to the welfare lines and ask these folks to represent their views. It was embarrassing as well, but was it OFFENSIVE? Well, the HBO audience was quiet and Maher could not stop interrupting enough to make sure he got his point in "that is true ... it is hard to get a job after you've been to Jail".
   What? Why would our response be any less embarrassed than the reaction to the "rednecks". Both sides are equally outrageous but you dare not say that out loud as a white guy. After all, Black people, even when they say stupid things, sound "COOL" and smarter than Rednecks. What I just said sounds racist, doesn't it? But it isn't what I said, it is what was done to you when you saw the video. We had quick explanations about defense spending and slavery and prison prejudice as soon as the video ended. But where was the defending commentary on the stupid white folks. Why, of course, this is no excuse for calling people "half breeds".
     I don't know where to stop on this video. I think I just want to put it out there. This was not a 2 sided piece on anything. It was another ONE sided piece on "what is wrong with those conservative white people"? I think we are not mad enough to yell out "THIS MUST STOP." To almost quote a funny white guy..."I'm all for helping the helpless, But F... the clueless."(Dennis Miller). See, I laughed when I heard that, probably because we aren't cool enough to know what he meant. Oh, by the way there is obviously no color barrier to who the "CLUELESS" are.


  1. How about this comment from Pelosi: you have to claim your party. Racists belong to the Republican party.


    And you forget about the resentful grievance mongers and Black racists in the Democrat party?

    And how about the liberal condescension of getting to decide who gets handouts, who gets to control what part of their lives? That's what liberals and Democrats are all about. Controlling everybody else, even if it means they get to buy rednecks teeth.

  2. I absolutely adore that statement that "Racism belongs to the Republican party". Good way to deflect the attention that needs to be given to the left for their eugenic crusade against African Americans. What could be more racist than wanting to wipe an entire race off the map?

  3. No kidding. Somehow Leftists do not get the connection between Planned Parenthood, the eugenist Sanger who wanted to rid the world of Blacks, and abortion, which has taken the lives of millions of Black babies.