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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bin Laden: Biden "unprepared." Uh, YEAH.

  Shockingly, we discover that our enemies had plans to assassinate some of our nation's leaders.
  Bin Laden, we learn, had a plot to kill Obama so that our current POTUS would be Joe Biden, egregious serial plagiarist, instead of Barack Hussein Obama, liar who also has a history or plagiarism.
  Naturally a Biden presidency would "throw the country into chaos." Can anyone think otherwise?
  One might assume the Obama campaign has released this recent assassination information in an attempt to garner sympathy and concern for Obama, in addition to drawing attention once again to the "spine of steel" man who is our POTUS who made the courageous decision to send Navy Seals in to snag Bin Laden.
  Bin Laden's rationale was, no kidding, that Biden, who has a history of lying and fabricating, was "unprepared" to assume the presidency.
  Even Slate has excoriated Biden for his past lying, fabrications and falsehoods:
But Biden's exit from the 1988 race is worth recalling in detail, because his transgressions far exceeded Obama's own relatively innocent lifting of rhetorical set pieces from his friend Deval Patrick, which occasioned a brief flap last February. Biden's misdeeds encompassed numerous self-aggrandizing thefts, misstatements, and exaggerations that seemed to point to a serious character defect. In some ways, the 1988 campaign—in which scandal forced not just Biden but also Gary Hart from the race—marked a watershed in the absurd gotcha politics that have since marred our politics and punditry. But unlike Hart's plight, Biden's can't be blamed on an overly intrusive or hectoring press corps. The press was right to dig into this one.
  It wasn't just the Kinnock/Biden speech similarities that doomed Biden; he has a history of hostilely puffing himself up when confronted.
  Imagine THAT character flaw next to the famous red phone.
  In fact, Bin Laden's observation that Biden, who once erroneously claimed despite his low grades to have a "higher IQ" than the voter questioning him and multiple degrees which he did not have, is "unprepared" to be POTUS is quite generous.
  Kind, even, considering that Bin Laden's inference is that Biden would certainly not be a fearsome warrior in the war on terror.
  I have always maintained that Biden was specifically chosen as VP because he not only represented no threat whatsoever to the ego of the current POTUS but that he also represented no threat of a dynasty extending beyond Obama's reign of terror. 
  That would also be a threat to the ego and a losing proposition, considering all the stumbles and ridiculous gaffes that are Joseph Biden.
  In fact, Biden's POTUS website is still up and he claims he has a shot at it.
  The truth is that Bin Laden was right. Biden is a buffoon whose presidency would throw the country into chaos, if not worse.

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