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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Government forces taxpayers to pay for abortions

So all the promises later, we find out (as if we didn't know this was coming) that the health care bill Obamacare is going to cost trillions more than the first guesses.
  Seriously. What government program not only works well but efficiently and cost effectively?
  And now we learn that the liberals aren't even hiding their contempt for those of us who hold pro-life views. Life means nothing to them.
  To them, abortion IS contraception. 
  Why even bother trying to force insurers to pay for birth control pills? That's not even the issue.
  The issue is that the Left wants to make ABORTION acceptable and ordinary BIRTH CONTROL, which it is NOT.
  In general, abortion is the result of laziness.
  What's the percentage of people who become pregnant through rape? Like 2/10 of a percent? And as far as an actual HEALTH issue? Hardly anyone. They can try to inflate those rates all they can but it just isn't true that THAT many women need ABORTION as a result of health or rape.
  You watch.
  Now that we know we are ALL abortionists and we will ALL be paying a dollar a month (waiting for THAT to go up) for lazy women to have abortions around the country, the push will be on to raise abortion to be a simple health care procedure, at any time in the pregnancy.
  After all, why SHOULDN'T we kill post birth infants?
  We'll just call it after birth abortion.
  We'll even admit they're babies and not just fetuses.
  Clever names and then an ad campaign.
  That'll do it.

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