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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nice weather you got there...

  I'd hate to see anything happen to it.... 
  In case you were basking in the warm Ohio sunshine this last week and you have friends who are trying to convince you that this is a sign of global warming, citing in particular POTUS's remark that the "nice weather" was making him "nervous," a few facts might help.
  Statistics can be manipulated but facts are pesky things.
  From Climate Depot:
Climate Depot is happy to provide President Obama the answer to his temperature jitters. The continental U.S. -- which coversjust 2% of the Earth's surface – has been very warm, but global temperatures have been cooling. There has been record or near record snow and ice in Alaska, the ArcticAntarctic, a brutally cold winter in Europe and even a parts of a Southern Hemisphere facing a year without a Summer. 
Despite a warm winter in the continental U.S., global temperatures have seen a cooling trend. Even this years early Cherry Blossom bloom in DC fails to alarm. See: 'The cherry blossom bloom date in 1946 (March 14 or before) was earlier than current year -- CO2 was a little over 310 ppm in 1946' & 1941 Heatwave Caused DC Cherry Blossoms To Appear Six Months Early & Japan in 2012: Unusually Cold weather delays blooming of early cherry blossoms

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