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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another "righteous" scam revealed

  Periodically crusading writers/moviemakers get causes under their belts and then do anything they can to advance their righteous cause, whether that entails lying or not.
  Global warming is a great example of a long term lie that has been perpetuated.
  The last couple weeks there've been a couple more; one was the trumped up Invisible Children Joseph Kony fraud. It's not that Kony isn't a terrible person; he is. But the group Invisible Children and its founder trumped up all kinds of anxiety through Facebook, garnered millions of hits with heart rending movies and then took all the money for themselves.
  Now we learn that a fellow named Mike Daisey has done a similar thing with his "documentary" about working conditions in the Apple factories in China.
  And we also learn that just about everything he claims are complete lies and fraud, all for his "righteous" cause of making the West and capitalists feel bad about their consumerism.
  At the root of it is always money and power, the twin motivators that always drive the deceivers.
  One might think that if this many liars and frauds were exposed who happened to be conservatives, much condemnation would ensue. 
  As it is, the shows must go on, regardless the truth.

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