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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Liberals still spending mindlessly

  By now, everybody knows what a mess Detroit is. It is a perfect exemplar of liberal "rule," in that taxpayers have fled the city, leaving high pensions and salaries for the city workers and teachers who remain to help/teach the few people who are left in the city.
  Gov. Rick Snyder, Republican, has been negotiating with the city to avoid a state appointed emergency manager, as has happened with numerous other cities in the state who have run out of money.
  We had hope for Mayor Dave Bing, who takes a $1 salary a year and has pledged to straighten out the city if it kills him, which it probably will since city officials are refusing to accept any help other than cash from the state.
  So at this point, Gov. Snyder has called a halt to negotiations since Mayor Bing claimed Snyder was being "disingenuous" about plans for straightening out the city's finances.
  Over in New York where a Democrat governor is trying to remedy the many financial deficits, where state workers refuse to even raise the retirement age from 62 to 65, dooming the state to endless debt and bankruptcy.
  So it looks like most liberals still haven't learned their lessons.

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