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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maher's latest reveals the liberal mindset

The Black legacy is "real,"" truthful."
The Southern White legacy is a "chip on his shoulder."  
  So last week Bill Maher and Alexandra Pelosi ran a despicable little video about conservatives in Mississippi, the poorest state in the US. We weren't picking and choosing, they claimed. 
  It's just that everyone down there is kookie and toothless. Not unusual for conservatives, they claimed.
  This week Maher and Pelosi admitted that this week's welfare queen video would make liberals uncomfortable. In fact, HBO didn't want to air it because of that. (Not that HBO would be uncomfortable airing a toothless poor conservative video.)
  So here's the video; note these elements.
  Southern whites are mocked by Maher for their belief in God, their reluctance to accept free money and the apparent "racism" of an old guy who doesn't like "half breeds."
  In typical 1% beneficence, Maher condescendingly offers to buy the toothless guy teeth.
   See, Maher is really generous ex cathedra because he's a rich white guy who just wants to help people.
   His attitude is typical of the rich white woman who travels to Black elementary schools to hand out money or goodies. Why? They tell themselves it's because they want to help people but in reality it's to make themselves feel better. (The anecdote I cite really happened.) 
  A periodic ten bucks handout does not success make.
  Liberals cannot see that opportunity is more valuable than handouts. Star Parker might have something to say about that.
  So this week, for parity and balance, Pelosi had video from the welfare office line in New York City, where one white female and several Black males freely admit they are there because they want free Obama money, careers not jobs, and lots of children with different partners.
  Are these two sectors of the country treated fairly?
  Not really.
  Maher expresses concern for and understanding of the legitimacy of one welfare recipient, an ex-con who said it's too hard to get a job once you've been in prison. 
  Maher also sympathizes with the Black male who lamely harkens back to slavery days of his ancestors, Maher again legitimizing the difficulty of these healthy young people who choose to live off others rather than work.
  Note the contrast. It's pretty simple, really, when you boil it down to a sentence or two.
  Highlight and then mock poor people in the South for their independence and desire not to take government money.
  Highlight and then make excuses for welfare queens.
  Yes, Bill Maher and Alexandra Pelosi perfectly exemplify the problem in their culture. 
  They make excuses for lazy/dependent people and mock those who don't want government handouts.
  In this latest interview, it appears to me that Maher and Pelosi in particular try very hard to present the "other side," though they certainly don't seem to be familiar with the ideals of the "other side."
  So even when trying their hardest to be balanced, they can't see beyond their preconceived notions. 
  They can't understand that independence is freedom, that government strangles more than helps and that their attitudes, by their very nature, of "helping others" are contemptuous of autonomy.
  That's just the way I see it.

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