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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sandra Fluke Discovers Another Employer Funded Entitlement

Excuse me for bragging but long before Rush Limbaugh ever mentioned Sandra Fluke, I wrote in this post on February 17, "It would not be a fluke if Ms Fluke becomes the the poster child for the entitlement society." I followed that post with one that allows the Center for Reproductive Justice to explain in three videos just how wacked up they really are but it seems there is a bit of Ms Fluke's scholarship that I've missed. If you are remotely rational you probably find it to be absurd that the failure to provide "gender reassignment" or sex change procedures in your company's healthcare policy is discriminatory. To Fluke, Obama, and Sebelius "healthcare" mandates become a cornucopia of liberal vote buying schemes. One might opine that healthcare expenditures should be limited to the necessities of people who actually need medical attention but I suppose that is an archaic argument. Ms Fluke and her co-author Karen Hu do contribute to the lexicon with a brand new, politically correct term of opprobrium, hetrosexist. As in " "hetrosexist health insurance policies." It could be this term has been around for years. I'm so far behind the curve I thought I remembered covering gender reassignment in English grammar.

To jump to the bottom line Fluke and Hu write that the failure of a company to include gender reassignment coverage in their health insurance plans is discrimination worthy of legal action. Who could blame employers if after Obamacare is either overturned or repealed they give their employee a one time raise and tell them to go buy their own insurance coverage. While Fluke basks in the attention of the not too bright ladies on the View and takes presidential phone calls, her President, Barack Hussein Obama is cutting health care benefits for active duty military personnel. It's good to see we have our priorities right. Stephen Gutowski has more here. Am I the only one thinking that Ms. Fluke really doesn't need contraceptives?

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  1. This is now the case in England, where government health care is in such disarray that the government is trying to divest itself of it. I had a blog post about the plumber whose arm was completely bent out of shape but was denied surgery because he could still work by snaking it up between the pipes. Yet gender reassignment takes a priority! This is why so many people dread the idea of government health care. The GOVERNMENT gets to decide who gets what service.