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Monday, March 12, 2012

Obama Is Losing His War On Religion

Damn! I'm sure there a plenty of fair minded Democrats who think Obama should round up all the pollsters Janet Napolitano can get her hands on and shoot them. I mean, just last night they went to bed believing the economy was just chugging along, that the November elections were a mere formality, and that Obama's war on religion was a fight that would be easily won because the Democrats and Sandra Fluke had convinced American women that free contraceptives trumped the first amendment. Then a graphic like this pops up and it comes from CBS News.

It looks like a 21% margin going the wrong way. Coming after the Washington Post- ABC poll that showed 65% of voters thought the President was a miserable failure at selling the country on alternative energy if it meant higher gas prices, the New York Times-CBS poll must have felt like the right cross that frequently follows the left jab. It just keep getting worse! Obama's approval rating has dropped from a mediocre 50% to a disastrous 41% in just one month to his lowest rating in the history of this poll.


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