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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The most maligned women: Black Republicans

  Funny. Obama goes on tv in a press conference and says he called Fluke because he didn't want the public discourse to entertain what Rush said.
  He doesn't know what's in Rush's heart, he says, and how sincere Rush's apology was.
  Yeah. Slide that snide doubt in there, bud, like you aren't part of the whole trashing business.
  In addition, he claimed he didn't want his daughters to be treated the way Rush talked about Fluke (pronounced FLUCK).
  As he announced earlier, this appears to be Obama's attempt to use his children (off limits to the rest of us) as part of his campaign
  Use the kiddies to garner sympathy though they had nothing to do with the whole Rush incident. Wah wah.
  This morning on WJR, Frank Beckmann interviewed two women. 
  One woman, Col. Francis Rice, represented well the point of view of not only conservative women, but African American Republican women who are so maligned by the Left.
  The other woman, whose name I can't remember, had very few of her facts straight about the Sandra Fluke incident; she was outraged, outraged that Rush said what he did. 
  Rush's apology was immaterial; the fact that he said it means he needs to be removed from public discourse, echoed by Obama today. 
  Interestingly, this leftist was unfamiliar with some of the other horrible things that have been said by the left, but admitted that attitudes and language needs to change on both sides.
  This is also interesting. The left moves in when they sense a kill on a conservative, but is undisturbed at the time by the left's attacks on conservatives, including calling women like Palin the C word.
  Then they claim that EVERYONE needs to change; they won't do this when THEIR OWN do it, but now that even commentators like Kirsten Powers are mocking the left for their misogyny and now that there's a viral tape out there of all the nasty stuff leftists say, they can't really ignore their own malfeasance.
  Col. Rice was impressive; I hope we see and hear more from her. She is a plain spoken clear voice for conservatism.
  Here are her credentials:
Lieutenant Colonel Frances Rice, United States Army, Retired is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and retired from the Army in 1984 after 20 years of active service. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Drury College in 1973, a Masters of Business Administration from Golden Gate University in 1976, and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of California, Hastings College of Law in 1977. In 2005, she became a co-founder and Chairman of the National Black Republican Association, an organization that is committed to returning African Americans to their Republican Party roots.
  Here is a bit from her latest column, available here:
An article with further evidence of how Democrats conduct a "war on black Republicans", using vile and reprehensible personal attacks because we do not toe the liberal agenda line, calling us "sellouts", "Uncle Toms" and "House Negroes" is posted on the NBRA website. 
One of those racist cartoons demeaning Dr. Condoleezza Rice was published in The Washington Post. Will the editorial board of the Washington Post ever apologize in the name of civility and for the good of our American political culture?
Will the liberal press demand that Democrats in Congress denounce Mr. Thaddeus and repudiate the racist attack on a citizen who is seeking to become an elected representative of the people? Will President Obama make a supportive call to Ms. Bergmann?
  Ms. Charlotte Bergman, a Black Republican, was interviewed by a Black leftist  not long ago; she was utterly trashed by this man Mr. Thaddeus Matthews on his radio show. Ms. Bergman remains genteel throughout the interview but Mr. Matthews screamed at Ms. Bergmann, saying this:
The heated interview lasted nearly 45 minutes until they both agreed that they had a "failure to communicate" after several rounds of Matthews asking pointed questions to Bergmann and her inability to answer them to his satisfaction. Bergmann quit the interview and Matthews berated her as a "token Negro," refusing to shake her hand as she left. Matthews said he didn't want her "whiteness" to rub off on him.
  Keep in mind that these women of strength and character aren't asking for your sympathy. They're asking for self reflection on the part of leftists and the MSM. 
  They can stand up for themselves; indeed, their lives are models for today's children.

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