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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Medical Marijuana Good, Raw Milk Evil

A few days ago Shenandoah posted a lengthy video in which a 65 year old man narrates the inhuman treatment and excessive bail ($1 million as compared to Jerry Sandusky's $100,000) visited on him for selling unpasteurized milk. Somehow in the twisted thinking of Los Angles law enforcement this practice is not only a health risk but is elevated to a political crime. For years raw milk has been sold in this country with no documented ill affects. Regardless of how you feel personally about the safety of drinking raw milk it should strike you as odd that all this outrage comes in the pot head capital of the world, where it is none of the government's business what drugs one may ingest or inject. It should strike you as odder still that this same toxic commodity is available in vending machines in France.

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