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Thursday, March 8, 2012

CNN interviews Breitbart editor, promptly explodes

  Twitter is abuzz today about the interview Soledad O'Brien did with Joel Pollack, editor of Is she supposed to be an objective journalist or commentator?
  Her behavior is outrageous; she rolls her eyes, argues, shakes her head laughing at her guest and acts generally shocked that anyone could disagree that Barack Hussein Obama should have been vetted before elected, contrary to what the MSM released to the public.

  This is pretty amazing video.
  This is it? she snidely asks. This is your bombshell? Because I just don't see it.
  Well, of course you don't, Ms. O'Brien. We knew that was part of the problem 
  The offending video is here:

  Though accused of being "afraid of Black people, you might be interested in Mr. Pollak's wife, pictured here. Geez. Just think if he hadn't been married to someone of her ethnicity. The shame.


  1. I am wondering if those white children standing behind Professor Bell knew he would love to have them exterminated. Did Professor Bell know at the time that Obama is mulatto?
    A president of the Harvard Law review but never published one article.

  2. I was a little worried when Andrew Breitbart died. I was worried that there would be no one at his organization who was able to carry the flag.

    I had no idea that he had a backup who was stronger than the first stringer.

    Joel Pollack had never hit my radar screen before yesterday. He has now, in spades. He is articulate, on point and unflappable.

    My fears were unfounded.