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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bill Maher Dumped by Alabama Democrats. Sort of

I thought It was Rush Limbaugh whose career was irremediably damaged. The blog Yellow Hammer had the presence of mind to do a screen capture of the Alabama Democratic Party's web site before they purged any reference to Bill Maher
Take the fine folks at the Alabama Democratic Party, for example. Somewhere along the way, somebody at the Alabama Democratic Party thought it was a good idea to hitch their wagon to an anti-christian misogynist HBO talk show host in an effort to advance their party in one of the most God-fearing, pro-family states in the country.

Then they got called out.

And suddenly the liberal cadre at the Alabama Democratic Party realized what the rest of us have known for quite some time now — Alabamians don’t share their values (or taste in “comedians”).

Probably by now readers assume that Maher's event was cancelled. Not so says the ADP's Chairman Bradley Davidson. “We have not invited him to attend a Democratic Party event, and he is not attending a Democratic party event.” As usual, when dealing with Democrats, the truth is hard to come by. Maher is on tour and is scheduled to appear in Huntsville. The Alabama Democrats bought a block of tickets to that show and created a package that includes “prime seating” at the Maher show and a “Chairman’s Reception” with Alabama Democratic Party chair Judge Mark Kennedy before the show.

Now David Axelrod has bailed on Maher. Last week it was announced that he would appear on “Real Time with Bill Maher" but now Axelrod denies that he was ever scheduled to appear so naturally he won't be appearing. Clearly the counter punch thrown by Limbaugh fans and listeners is having an effect on Democrats.

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