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Friday, September 28, 2012

Will poll manipulation work?

  Early voting begins in Ohio next Tuesday. We've all received absentee requests and should begin receiving the absentees soon, as per Husted's new policy.
  The very very negative for Romney polls that we've all been seeing are intended to suppress Republican/conservative voter turnout, as many conservatives have discussed the last several weeks.
  Indeed the manipulation of the polls has been remarkable, revealing several motivations and purposes:

  • Purposely skewed polls become the news themselves, rather than reflect the mood of the populace. Only ask people on landlines and you'll get a certain response. Only ask people who are home during the day and you'll get a certain response. Ask only people in certain target areas and you'll get another response.
  • Skewed polls serve the purpose of pushing Leftist (usually) agendas on the voter. Manipulation of the question will produced the desired response. Is the wording of the questions available? If not, why not?
  • There are many ways to manipulate polls, including basing the demographic on previous voter turnout such as the 2008 pro-Obama demographic. Though most pollsters doubt the enthusiasm of the Obama voter this election, the enthusiasm of the "free phone free school loans free everything" voter can't be overlooked. They've gotten free stuff and their appetites are whetted for me. OTOH, real workers aren't  so happy about providing all that free stuff for freeloaders.
  • Now Nolte at Breitbart points out another reason for pumping up the early polls--the attempt to swing the early vote. The problem with that theory is that if you haven't made your mind up yet, you're probably not that eager to get to the voting booth yet. That said, it's hard to believe that anyone who's planning on voting hasn't made up their mind yet.
  • Reporters are actually making up facts and citing supposedly satirical stories as fact without bothering to check the veracity.
  And that's how bad it's gotten with today's press. 
  You may have missed the story of Politico's chief political columnist Roger Simon's "satire" piece in Politico in which he claimed Paul Ryan was off the reservation and calling Romney "Stench." Of course, all the Leftists in the media fell for it, without questioning the source, who happened to be one of those chronically disaffected dyspeptic Republican consultants who doubles as an Eeyore for the rest of us.
  Other of the "news corpse" cite "facts" that are completely fabricated.
  The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
  To be honest, the influence of the MSM has been nearly dead for quite some time now. The rise of the new media made that possible and thrives as a result of the negligence of the so-called professionals.
  When you talk to people about politics these days, it seems like people really really know what's going on or they don't.
  You might call it the Moron Vote.
  But those of us who do know what's going on, really know.
  And we're organized.

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