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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Romney campaign in Wood County disappoints

  Actually, the Romney campaign in Lucas AND Wood counties has disappointed many concerned citizens.
  Yesterday was Harrison Rally Day, the only yearly festival day by the city of Perrysburg.
  Thousands of people attend HRD, which features local musicians, food, arts and crafts and lots of booths for political, religious and business organizations.
  The Conservative Coalition was represented well.
  As was the Democrat Party, which had lots of signs, a bold sign that actually said the word "Democrats" on it.
  The Republican party was across the street with a booth and some local politicians' signs. No bold signs reading "Republicans."
  Romney signs?
  Nuh uh. They didn't have a one.
  Just as in 2010, they were "taking names" for Romney signs, claiming they had "run out" of signs.
  Later we heard from others that they never had any signs.
  So once again, we're disappointed in an opposition party to the Democrats actually having much of a face or presence in this part of the state, even though Wood County is important to winning Ohio.
  I mean, we can understand giving up on Lucas County to a degree since it varies little in its political persuasion.
  But Wood County?
  Come on.
  We can only hope that the 2012 elections prove to be reminiscent of the 2010 elections, regardless of the lack of party proficiency.

1 comment:

  1. Lucas County does seem to have written off Romney as those yard signs are as rare as hen's teeth at the "Republican Victory Center" on Dussel.

    Two trips to the office there left me empty handed with only promises of "next week, leave your name and we will call you when they come in."

    So I asked them if they were aware that there was an election going on and they offered their apologies saying that they normally didn't receive the yard signs until two months before the election.

    I explained to the lady that Sept.15 (with the signs coming "next week" was a little inside their "two month" window.

    Jesus! Then she asked me if I would like to work the phone bank for fifteen minutes.

    There were two women there and a guard at the door, who politely opened same for me when I walked up.

    I bought three of the signs online. I don't give a fig if Lucas County has given up on Romney or not, I haven't...