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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama/Rahm have lost control of their constituencies

  The Chicago Sun Times reports that Rahm Emanuel says teachers can still negotiate and teach at the same time. There is no need for a "long strike," as is being suggested by Chicago union officials.
  When Rahm tried to reach Union President Karen Lewis, of whom the NY TImes writes admiringly,  late Sunday night before the strike deadlines, she could not be reached. Why? Because, as she said, she was talking to national union leaders all night.
  In other words, her union discussions superceded any talk of resolving the strike.
  Indeed, this video reveals that the teachers, who are marching with socialists and worse, are enjoying their time out of the classroom.
  Che t shirts? An admirable revolutionary? How educated are these people? Ask a Cuban what a monster Che Guevara was.

  The teachers have been offered a sixteen percent raise over 4 years, $400, but it is not enough. In fact, they only pay 3% of their health insurance and have an average income that exceeds the average Chicagoan's income by $30,000.
  What are the sticking issues, in addition to demanding air conditioning in all school buildings?
  Two primary problems.
  The teachers do not want an evaluation process.
  The teachers want to rehire laid off teachers.
  Why were they laid off? It appears the school administrators do not want to rehire these people so some might suspect that these are incompetent people.
  BOTH these "problems" relate to the fact that some teachers are simply incompetent and the union does not want to be held responsible for their incompetence, even though 80% of eighth graders in Chicago are not proficient in math, 40% drop out, and 68% of high school students are failing.
  What you're seeing here is something larger than just a strike.
  What you're seeing that the Democrats, who so long have enjoyed a cozy partnership with the unions, have lost control of the message. 
  The situation is so bad in Chicago and other cities that Emanuel took action, only to find that the union, just like the Islamists marauding US embassies around the world, has grown too powerful, ugly and vicious for any single group to control.
  Obama and his ilk have felt for years that they are the puppet masters, controlling groups around the US.
  The truth is that those puppets now have life on their own. They're not dedicated to Obama or even Rahm, but rather to themselves and perpetuating their own power.

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