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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama: no to Israel, yes to Egypt

  Obama rejected Benjamin Netanyahu's request for a meeting because he was too busy.
  We already know he's got many fundraisers, as he flew to Las Vegas last night seemingly uninterested in the crisis in the Middle East.
  And we know that he's appearing on David Letterman, which is presumably because he needs to "connect" with his base.
  And now we also know that one reason he's too "busy" to meet with the leader of Israel is because he's offered to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President.
  This all makes sense, doesn't it?
  Who are our allies, after all?
  Democracies or Islamist thugocracies?
  Muslim Brotherhood. History of violence. The mother of all Islamist movements. Jihad is our way. Segregation. Prohibition.
  One might wonder why.

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