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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Did Obama's bragging about killing bin Laden inflame Middle East?

  If you've been busy and "occupied today, you might not be aware that the Middle East is inflamed and the world is going to hell.
  Obama has skipped 57% of intelligence meetings; thus, he remains unprepared for the boil that needs to be lanced in foreign policy.
  Look. It's absolutely essential and necessary that Osama bin Laden was taken out.
  I was wondering how bragging about killing bin Laden repeatedly, boastfully and cockily during the past months--and especially the Democrat convention--would affect the ever-so-tender sensibilities of the crazies in places like, oh, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Egypt...
  And now we know.
  So our Cairo embassy puts out an apology yesterday for some stupid movie which offends al Qaeda.
  In a ridiculous assertion that this administration respects "religious feelings" (for Islam, not Christians or Catholics), the crazies in Cairo decided to storm the embassy wearing Occupy Guy Fawkes masks.
  There is no White House response at this point.
  Romney protests the lack of response as "disgraceful."
  Libya blows up; the embassy is burned.
  Libyan officials moved the ambassador to a "secure" place, then told the mob where he was
  The ambassador is murdered, his body dragged through the street, while Hillary thanks the Libyan embassy for "helping" him to the hospital.
  After, of course, he's been assaulted.
  So what do Obama and his media flacks do?
  They try to blame Libya on Romney.
  They claim that Romney is using murder as a campaign tactic; the facts are twisted. Romney has stood up to make a statement while Obama is hiding in his room but it's Romney who's the despicable one.
  Peggy Noonan, whose column I will never read again, goes after Romney, along with flacks, claiming Romney is "ham handed" "inaccurate" and "sleazy" for having issued a statement.
  While the embassy burns.
 Obama announces plans to go on Letterman.
  9:46 this morning Obama has another of his oddly stilted press conferences, dispassionately declaring that there's no excuse for killing people and he's really sorry for the families of the murdered people..

  He flies to Vegas for a fundraiser.

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