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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Allen West's Hard Hitting Ad

I'm sure almost everyone has seen the ad where a caricature of Congressman Allen West as a boxer repeatedly punches a women in the face. It is paid for by American Sunrise PAC which is run by the father of his opponent Patrick Murphy. Of course many in the liberal media extol comedy in campaign ads as long as the ads are directed at Republicans. Boys will be boys. Nothing to see here. The ad ends with the line,  "But it's time for us to fight back and knock him out of Congress once and for all."
The great political ethicist Barack Obama is fond of telling friendly crowds how in Chicago when one is hit he should punch back twice as hard. West took Obama at his word and landed a hay maker square on Murphy's jaw that has the left blogosphere screaming bloody murder. From the Gawker; "Allen West’s Insane Attack Ad: Opponent Patrick Murphy Is a Belligerent Drunk"
It seems West did his fighting in Iraq while Murphy saw combat in a South Beach, Miami bar. When the Murphy campaign brought up Colonel West's aggressive interrogation techniques that resulted in his early departure from the Army the West campaign  put up a website "Patrick Murphy's Law" prominently featuring the mug shot and explaining his "night out," including a link to the police report from 2003.

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