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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Contemptible Obama showers contempt to public

  Barack Obama has nothing but contempt for the wars we have fought in response to being attacked for at least the THIRD time by Islamic extremists.
  He also has nothing but contempt for those who disagree with him while at the same time claiming he's learned that he has to be president of "all the people," notwithstanding all the people he's dissed in four years.
  He has contempt for cutting taxes ("letting" us keep OUR money), favoring redistribution of your stuff, money and life apparently under the assumption that "the concept of "redistribution" falsely implies that the existence of property is prior to the existence of the state."
  Or maybe it's that all your money "are belong to us."
  Who knows, at this point.
  In an attempt to inoculate Obama from the public's dismay at understanding how deeply in debt we are and how desperate our condition is financially (we cannot keep printing money forever, nor paying exorbitant salaries and pensions to the baby boomers while the next generation shrinks and shrinks).
  Obama's appearance on Letterman was contemptible itself in many ways. 
  Powerline suggests that Obama is the most dishonest politician ever to work in government in this country.
  When appearing on Letterman last night, Obama pretended not to know how horrendous the deficit is, just as he's pretending that the vicious murders of Americans in Libya were the result of some stupid video rather than terrorist attacks in response to Obama's policies and abhorrence for the freedom of the West.
  The truth is that Obama is not only dishonest but weak when it comes to dealing with the monsters we are facing overseas who despise freedom, independence and autonomy.
  Obama complained that Republicans (of which this writer is NOT one) talked about him a great deal at the convention. The truth is that Dems complained much more about Romney with disparaging and nasty terms than anything at the Republican convention, which was tame in comparison.
  Though several prominent Republicans have verbally assaulted and given up on Romney (you contemptible weasels!), it's pretty awesome that Romney's actually embracing the real argument, unlike the "most dishonest politician" Obama.

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