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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Republican vs. Democrat conventions, in retrospect

  If you are like me, you overdosed on politics the last two weeks by actually watching much of the two conventions, trying desperately to be objective, then sickened by recent polls, hand wringing and gloating/wailing that Obama has soared to new popularity levels ahead of Romney.
  Even my two favorite talkers, Eric and Gary of RedEye Radio, were excoriating Romney as a "horrible" candidate; Powerline, usually a bastion of sensible, mature conservatism, had several columns that declared Obama is benefiting from his own bad judgment and that the country is too far gone to be able to come back from the fiscal cliff.
  In fact, most talkers except Rush, are in full sackcloth and ashes mode, the rationale being that Obama's convention had such energy and the press so in bed with Leftists that they've put Obama back on top of the electoral heap.
  I disagree.
  But then I'm not Bill Krystal. I'm not Eric and Gary. I'm not a CNN or FNC reporter.
  I'm just a pajama clad Great Lakes conservative who owns a laptop and follows news carefully.
  And to be honest, I'm really not buying what these people are selling.
  Obama's a horrible president. 
  He's not a leader. 
  He's selfish, uninterested in guiding the country and a spendthrift who does not concern himself with the day to day machinations of running the country, like attending security briefings. If national security doesn't interest you, what will?
  The answer is that he's a narcissistic priss who loves to be worshipped and adored; he loves parties, traveling and the trappings of wealth.
  He likes to tell YOU to not turn on your air conditioner or turn up your hear while making sure the Oval Office (if he's ever in it) is warm enough to "grow orchids". 
  Why? He likes it warm.
  Some of us out here do too.
  But down to the current depressing exultation over the Obama bounce.
  I thought half the Republican convention was boring to the point of unconsciousness. Scripted ad nauseum. The other half was moving, emotional and reinforced many of the principles I love about this country. Sure, there was some Obama bashing, but it was mostly about what the speakers believed Romney could do for the country, not himself.
  While I'm sure some of the Leftists at the Democrat convention profess to love this country, their convention was mean-spirited, focused on free stuff, and a constant push on abortion, preferably paid for by us, the conscientious objectors. 
  The speakers pounded war drums with the beat that "Romney's an idiot and Obama's God." Over and over and over.
  Afterward, everyone left and right agreed that Obama's speech stank. 
  Romney has since been criticized for having told too much about himself, yet before the speech all the tongue waggers claimed the country didn't know him and that he needed to be "humanized."  Can't quite get that one right, can he, according to the knowledgeable.
  Kerry was pompous, and his mouth sounded like it was full of marbles while Rubio was young, vigorous and substantive. 
  Joe Biden was UNBEARABLY absurd, literally full of grandiose proclamations that Obama's the bravest man on the face of the earth since he finally, after 3 opportunities, said "Ok" to the Navy Seals to go risk their lives to take out the evil bin Laden.
  Weigh Biden against Condi Rice, whose speech was emotionally inspiring while at the same time a call to arms. 
  Was there any comparison? Seriously?
  Biden vs Rice.
  Obama vs. Romney.
  Kerry vs. Rubio.
  And then there were the memory sticker events, events that cast longer shadows than even the speeches of the famous.
  What was the most memorable event of the Republican convention, still talked about?
  Clint Eastwood's chair, so unscripted that it was delightfully entertaining and spawned internet memes such as "eastwooding" and the "empty chair." Not unlike Chick-Fil-A, we saw numerous incidents around the country that mimicked the points that Eastwood made. 
  Voila. Obama was Alinskyed.
  So naturally both the left and right went into overdrive discrediting Eastwood, though his message resonated significantly.
  What was the primary unscripted event of the Democrat convention?
  Booing God. Pulling away from Israel. 
  And the residue included video of Democrat delegates declaring that they hated those with whom they disagreed, the idiot Tea "baggers," the Christians and those who want to "control our bodies" even though they're comfortable controlling our moral consciences.
  Compare the optics, not the phony polls, and ask yourself who won.
  Eastwood and his memorable chair, mocked by the glitterati but imitated by the public?
  Booing God? Voter suppression which was committed against their own party for political purposes?
  Laughing with Eastwood vs. booing God.
  Hm. Let me think.

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