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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Horrifying new Obama campaign banner

  Instapundit points us to a horrifying, shocking and disgusting picture.
  What is it?
  It's a picture of the new "Obama flag" being sold by the campaign,  structured to emphasize allegiance to The One, not the country.
  Yet its similarity to the unphotoshopped image taken from exterior of the consulate in Libya escaped the attention of the Obama campaign.
  You know. 
  Those people who have been tweeting about amusing make-believe pirates while ignoring the real ones. 
  Those people who fly to Vegas after the horrendous murder of Stevens; in fact, those who can actually go to sleep, not knowing the fate of someone he appointed to a perilous position.
  You know. Those people who continue to party on to rivers of champagne while our embassies and our people are fighting thousands and thousands of flames around the world.
  The link to the visual history of the Obama cult is here; it has to be seen to be believed. We have seen this kind of human "worship" before. Cuba. North Korea. The Soviet Union. Germany. 
  Yeah. We've seen this before.
  Meanwhile, the press corpse parties on.
  Yeah. We've seen that before too.

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