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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Democratic Law Maker Blasts Obama

Dov Hikind is a Democratic New York state assemblyman who backed Republican Bob Turner in his successful race to replace Congressman Anthony Weiner in a special election in New York's ninth congressional district. Obviously he has felt frustration with Obama for sometime so it is not just Obama's refusal to meet with Israeli Premier Bibi Netanyahu that has him upset. I suspect he has about had his fill of Obama kool-aid. Hikind appears to be an orthodox Jew, which as a group, is much more concerned with the well being of Israel than secular Jews so it may be unwise to read too much into his dissatisfaction with his president and his party. Nevertheless Hikind's rage is probably shared by many of his faith and in battleground states such as Florida and Virginia both of which have significant Jewish populations that could be critical.

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