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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama's gutsy business of foreign policy

  To say that the events of the last few days are outrageous minimizes the lives lost---and the potential lives lost---because of the incompetence of the Obama administration.

  • Obama announces he cannot meet with Benjamin Netanyahu because he's too busy, though his schedule rarely has anything on it than fundraisers, following by an announcement that he'll be appearing on David Letterman.
  • The American embassy in Cairo is overtaken, the American flag replaced with an al Qaeda flag and the "protesters" scaling the walls of the embassy and wearing Occupy masks. Coincidence? Hardly.
  • Obama is radio interviewed by "DJ Laz Pimp with a Limp."
  • Rather than denouncing the vandalism and threats to US sovereignty, the U.S. embassy in Cairo issues an angry highly offensive statement that people should stop hurting the "religious feelings" of marauding al Qaeda members; the statement is ironically unconcerned that American Christians and Catholics' "religious feelings" have been assaulted by the current administration.
  • Things devolve rapidly. The US embassy in Libya is attacked. Four people are murdered.
  • Two Marines die defending the embassy.
  • Nothing from the White House for hours; the Cairo embassy statement is allowed to stand as an official proclamation.
  • Now this morning Obama has taken the "risky" step of condemning the murders, claiming the Cairo embassy statement wasn't their statement. Under the bus.
  So here we are with the world spinning out of control and Obama showing weakness after weakness; like Nero who was said to have fiddled with Rome burned, Obama appears in pop culture venues, ignoring the global implications of his own fiddling.
  Where, pray tell, is the "spine of steel"?
  Where is the "courage"?
  Where's the "gutsy"?
  Where's the "concern"?

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