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Friday, September 21, 2012

Finally... We Begin to Hear the Truth About Benghazi

Practically nothing we have heard relative to the murders of four Americans in Libya is true. The Obama administration has deliberately misled the American public on the details of an attack on this country for political gain. If there is a precedent in American history for behavior this loathsome I am unaware of it. Frequently first reports are wrong and past administrations have hastened to update the citizenry with accurate information simply because they felt it owed it to the country. Not the Obama regime. Sunday it sent Ambassador Susan Rice to five news shows to boldly misstate the fact surrounding the killings in Benghazi.
The administration has used the Department of Justice as appendage of the Obama campaign by sending FBI agents to California to roust the film maker out of bed in the middle of the night to further perpetrate the charade that the film, Innocence of Muslims was the cause of death of the four Americans. The Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey personally called Reverend Terry Jones begging him not to associate himself with the film. Are we to believe Dempsey did not know the details of the attack on the consulate. This behavior is disgraceful and the primary if not the sole purpose of this subterfuge is to keep the public in the dark until after the election. The revelation that there was no riot or even a demonstration proceeding the attack on the consulate has been ignored for the most part by the MSM but CBS is an exception.

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