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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weak-kneed Rahm caves to thugs?

  We may see the end of the Chicago teachers' strike today, it's being rumored.
  So what did they get?
  It appears at this hour that the teachers, already among the highest paid and most ineffective in the nation (and, from the WSJ: In addition, an arbitrator found this summer that Chicago's teachers got raises of 19%-46% over the past five years—not the fattest of economic times for most Americans), have secured a 24 percent raise and a stop to the teacher evaluation process.
  That would be 16% over four years, a 2% COLA every year for four years AND the usual step increases for every teacher.
  No one's saying being a teacher in Chicago is an easy job.
  But you'd think there'd be some accountability for making the big bucks but apparently tough boy Rahm Emanuel caved in this election year.
  Now there's fear that up to 120 schools will be closed to make this deal happen.
  Reuters refers to one such school in which gunfire can be heard during the school day:
 Thirty-one of those deaths have been in the neighborhood where Gresham Elementary school is located, up 19 percent from last year. Over the last two years 23 children ages 10 or younger have been killed in the Chicago crossfire, some of them while walking to or from school.
  Gresham is on academic probation; in fact, for some odd reason, people are moving out of Chicago and away from such schools as Gresham, out to the suburbs or into charter schools.
 Thus the possibility of the closings of many district schools.
 It sure looks like, at this hour, the thugs have won. 

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