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Friday, September 14, 2012

Right On, Romney

To those who think Mitt Romney's comments on the pathetic statement posted by the US embassy in Cairo were premature, bullshit! They were four years overdue. Neither the time nor the tone on Romney's statement was incorrect. Mitt Romney's offense was he upset the chattering class by critiquing its hero and his supple spined, self righteous, self aggrandizing prattle the country has had to endure for too long. One is never sure of the correct timing when commenting on timely events as Obama has in the past remained silent on urgent matters such as the Iranian uprising. Had Romney not attacked the apologetic embassy post, it would probably be standing yet today. Instead it was renounced almost a day later and scrubbed from the Twitter account.
The media has never pressed Obama on anything serious. Instead it dotes on him like a proud parent at his child's first piano recital. And when will we see your NCAA brackets, Mr President? Is there anything you would have done differently in your presidency, Mr. President. How about, Did you go to bed no knowing the whereabouts of your ambassador because you didn't give a damn or because you incompetent staff didn't inform you he had been missing for 8 hours, Mr. President? or Do you think it's appropriate to go off to Vegas in the midst of a foreign crisis, Mr. President. or Do you think that goofy old lady of yours is correct when she says obesity is the country's greatest national security threat considering that 4 Americans are dead, Iran will soon have nuclear weapons, and the entire middle east is on the verge of anarchy, Mr President?
For a change the country heard a speaker who sounded presidential and it wasn't the President.

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