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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Obama yard sale illustrates the problem

  Obama and his team for reelection really have no shame.
  Tweeting a sale on sweatshirts as the bodies of the Ambassador to Libya and 3 others are returned home.
  Comparing his campaign workers to the Americans murdered by mobs overseas.
  Asking you to forego your wedding gifts and instead send the money to Obama.
  Michelle Obama, the notorious vacationer who's enjoyed 18 vacations on your dime, asks you to skip your pizza and send the money to her.
  Promoting a defenseless and partnerless Julia whose utter dependence on the state render her incompetent and unable to sustain her own life.
  Now Obama's campaign, which harasses followers several times a day for money, want you to have a YARD SALE this upcoming weekend.
  Here's the video promoting the yard sale idea, which the electioneers hope will inspire millions of Americans to take to their lawns, extolling the Golfer in Chief and selling their junk to the unsuspecting foolish buyer; you'll note the professional filming quality. They have Hollywood at their command, after all.

  As with all things Obama, however, there's always a pretty stinky body accompanying the Botoxed face.
  Like in this ad, where the one guy is shocked to see his own golf club for sale without permission at his neighbor's garage sale. 
  Yeah, that makes sense cuz that's exactly what's happening to all of us out here.
  We're shocked to see someone's selling off our country's assets without our knowledge or consent.

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