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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Free Obama Phones! Vote Obama!

This video has already gone viral.
  We've covered the whole free cell phone thing before and its $1 billion plus cost to the taxpayers, along with a lot of other free stuff from Obama, like free internet for the "needy," like this woman.
  In fact, the free cell phone thing has been around a while, along with free upgrade to the furnace, free furnace checks, free education, free birth control.
  Everything free but speech. And diet. And business regulations. Free debt relief. You know the drill.
  Actually the first time I heard this audio, I was horrified. The second time, I couldn't stop laughing. And laughing. And laughing.

 Add this to the Howard Stern interviews of Obama supporters and you'll begin to see what Rush calls Obama's appeal to the "moron voter."

  Talk to the average Tea Partier and you'll get an intelligent eager discussion about recent events, not agreement on everything, but a sense of urgency that we are losing our country to people, some of whom in this case are minority voters but who also include intransigent union voters who want more and more money from the taxpayers for their pensions and their health care.
  In fact, talking to Tea Partiers usually means you'll relinquish being the most informed person in the room because you've got real competition of people who eagerly scour the web to keep themselves current.
  Yes, we have much work to do.
  And no, these videos are not jokes.
  They're real.

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