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Monday, September 10, 2012

ObamaBiden's truly terrible horrible very bad day

  Hoosierman pointed out the AP photo of Biden everyone's gagging over this weekend. Remember that this is the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
  You might call this biker chic: 
  Note the pleased expression on the faces of the bikers on each side of the tooth challenged biker chick and the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
  If some of the "skits" the DNC put on last week reminded us of a cross between a cheesy grey panther girl empowerment Lifetime Channel series episode with an episode of Anger Management, then this photo of Biden reminds us of a Sci-Fi version (translate: unbelievably bad to the point of parody with, like, ocean scenes filmed in a bathtub) of FX's Justified, where the politicians occasionally canoodle with some seriously common folk, only to come to a bad end
  Next we have the AP photo of the PREEZY of the UNITED STEEZY being bear hugged by some pizza shop guy. 
  No, that may look like a dummy mannequin, but it's the real Preezy. 
  You know, the serious Preezy who hasn't held a jobs council meeting for almost a year because he's been partying down at fundraiser after fundraiser. 
  More fundraisers, in fact, than any other president has ever had.
  Then you gotcher Obama scanner moment where Obama can't figure out how to use an iPhone. 
  In another AP photo over at Washington Times, we learn, shockingly from a reporter that Obama appeared "befuddled" and complained that the volunteers were giving the "president a hard time...." because he carries a Blackberry and not an iPhone. How retro is THAT?
  Is that all, for the Obama/Biden very bad weekend?
  Well, no.
  Obama claimed that "three proud words" are "Made in the USA."
  One. Two. Three. 
  Ah! Four!
  But see?
  Now we're back to the somewhat whiny, plaintive but sadly true trope, "If this had been a Republican...."
  We won't say it.
  But we will say.
  We are truly in the best of hands.

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