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Sunday, September 9, 2012

McMahon Leads as Opponent Falters

For Linda McMahon it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and her opponent in the race for Senator from Connecticut, Chris Murphy is the gift that keeps on giving. About a week ago it was disclosed that in 2007 Murphy, while doing the people's business in Congress, had neglected his personal business so badly he was hit with a suit to foreclose on his home mortgage. Rather than address the issue and make a pro forma apology to all the good people who believed in him and the good work he was doing, Murphy dodged and procrastinated and before he could form the appropriate weasel words it was further revealed that the good Congressman had been hauled into court in 2003 for non payment of rent. In 2003 Murphy was doing the people's business in the Connecticut legislature.
The guy is a serial deadbeat! The home on which the mortgage was secured was valued in the low $200 thousand range and he was making almost $170,000. In 2003 he was still single and a member of the state legislature yet still fell 2 months behind on his rent. The upshot is Murphy is too busy and too important to bothered with the normal duties voters regularly execute. In another state he would be down 20 points in the polls but in blue Connecticut he is still only single digits behind but that is probably enough to put to rest his career ambitions for 2012. For her part McMahon has largely ignored Murphy's trouble as it plays out in the papers. There is little she could say to make matters worse for Murphy. Keeping a straight face might be her biggest challenge.

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