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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Workingman's Wellness Clinic

“We chose the Streets and Sanitation worksite at Ferdinand and Tripp in an effort to make the wellness screenings convenient for our employees. The equipment and testing tables … were sterilized,” she said. “However, in response to feedback from our employees, we will discontinue the use of this site and will continue to work closely with employees to connect them to alternative screening locations including libraries and park district facilities.”

No this picture wasn't taken in Ethiopia rather it was Chicago. Apparently all the underachievers aren't in the public schools some have found their way into the Chicago city government. Maybe it was just someone trying to get a jump on Obamacare's full implementation in any event a clinic was housed in the garage where the city parks its garbage trucks.

Streets and Sanitation employee Marty Zamora had said, when he and his co-workers arrived at the garage this week to find a temporary clinic had been set up, they “thought it was something unreal. I mean, are we seeing this?”
Zamora said he was shocked to see blood being drawn for cholesterol and triglyceride tests inside a garage that “reeked of garbage and decay.”
“The floors and walls were all covered in dirt,” he said. “Maggots and rats tend to show up at night, so we decided not to take this test.

Chicago has come a long way since the days of Upton Sinclair!

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