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Monday, September 24, 2012

Take heart, Mateys: Hoping for change

  In our town, Obama/Biden signs have popped up in yards, along with other Democrat supportive signs. It appears the only way that Romney signs have gotten into eager hands is through Ebay or sales from the Romney website. The campaign promises to deliver signs "soon."
  Of course, this is demoralizing to those of us who simply cannot understand how anyone in their right mind could support such a destructive, narcissistic selfish candidate as the one we have currently in office. 
  But it's all part of the psy-ops campaign that is being run against those of us who quietly do our jobs, hope for better days and work to support this great nation and the vision its founding fathers wrote into our early documents.
  The press corpse has been relentless in presenting Obama as having already won; he's the best candidate, according to them. Any way they can spin a Romney action as a "gaffe" they do, while completely ignoring or dismissing Obama gaffes, mistakes, blunders and outright deceptions.
  Kevin DuJan of Hillbuzz has himself been relentlessly upbeat in pursuing the falseness of polling, the negative impact of Republican Eeyores and press bias.
  Today he offers several reasons he believes Obama is, in fact, worried about reelection, including the fact that Michelle Obama is actively playing the race/slavery card. Kevin has lots of reasons to be optimistic over there at Hillbuzz.
  Here's a bit from another article by Kevin:
I’ve really had enough of this garbage and am tired of fellow conservative writers helping Barack Obama by deliberately posting negative stories about the Romney campaign that supporters of Obama ENCOURAGE these clowns to write.  Starting today, look for a DAILY DOOM ANTIDOTE to this nonsense and supported by actual Ground Reports from people coast to coast who’ll help counter everything that MSNBC, CNN, the Times, and even some conservative sites keep saying to reinforce the chosen meme that “Obama is inevitable!  We’re doomed!  Surrender now!  So, so DOOOOMED!”.
  We've already written about the fact that most of the polls out there skew liberal and left for a number of reasons.
  Now a new website called Unskewed Polls has popped up that removes the artificial "balance" pollsters give to make sure current polls reflect the fact that more people declared themselves Democrats in 2008 than Republican, a fact that no longer holds true.
  Unskewed Polls gives Romney a substantial to overwhelming lead.
  The PJ Tatler discourages believing that Unskewed Polls is accurate, just that it skews its own polls differently.
  We'll see.
  Though Leftists are highly motivated this election cycle, their numbers have fallen as people have seen how destructive Leftist policies are to the economy and to personal liberty.
  And even more highly motivated are Americans who simply do not want to be ruled as opposed to governed, a detail that both Republicans and Democrats and most particularly Leftists like to overlook.
  If the Chick-Fil-A, Obama's America 2016 movement and the turnout at Romney/Ryan events are any indication, we are justified in hoping for change.
  UPDATE AND we're organized. If you're not, STFU. Spectator:
Pro-lifers, Evangelicals, Catholics, frosted over the violation of their First Amendment rights, Mormons of course, and pro-family advocates are in full mobilization. These elements of the base, along with defenders of the Second Amendment, anti-tax advocates, and the many and varied groups making up the Tea Party are highly motivated. They tend to talk less and work more than most pundits.Laborare est orare.


  1. I'm not so sure taking the skew out is good. Certainly Democrats are over sampled as no one expects the Democrats to have a 2008 size turnout based on the crowds Obama draws now. BTW did you see the story coming out of Wisconsin where Obama addressed a crowd of 18,000 in a 5000 seat stadium? North Carolina is a funny case. Obama only carried it by 14,000 yet polls will over sample Democrats +6 or +8. Of course the polls are depressing but they should encourage us to work harder not give up. Incidental events like Chick-fil-a and that huge response, sagging numbers among Jewish voters, and the West Virginia primary indicate widespread discontent that are not reflected in polling. Obviously both campaigns do their own polling where they can control the skewing so they probably know where they are.

  2. Yeah, it's hard to make sense of all this. All I KNOW is we're organized crawl over broken glass voters and I just don't see that with as many people on the other side. The polls are baloney. i don't know how anybody can tell anything from polls, given the different forms of communication we have these days. And seriously? 18000? I'm not joking when I say PRAVDA. I don't know how they live with themselves.