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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Solyndra Scandal Comes Back to Life as DOE Official Refuses to Testify

The Solyndra scandal has erupted again with Congressman Darrell Issa sending four US marshals to the Department of Energy to serve subpoenas on six staffers who refused to be served via email. One staffer was Morgan Wright who failed to honor the subpoena claiming he could not find a lawyer to represent him. He failed to show up to be deposed and Congressman Issa has reissued the subpoena but states he may face criminal contempt of Congress charges which would not reflect well on his employer, the Department of Energy. Originally the House Energy and Commerce Committee had jurisdiction over the Solyndra investigation but the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform took an interest when it was learned that Wright others were involved in an “organized effort within the Department to use his non-official email account to discuss loan decisions as part of an intentional effort to avoid scrutiny and disclosures under federal laws.”
Wright was the recipient of one e-mail discussed in a Washington Post story from former DOE official Jonathan Silver. “Don’t ever send an email on doe email with a personal email addresses,” Silver wrote Aug. 21, 2011, from his personal account to Wright’s Gmail account. “That makes them subpoenable.”  E-mails from non-official accounts have offered important insight into the decision making process at odds with narratives offered by Administration officials. 
According to the Committee Wright was heavily involved in the decisions that steered hundreds of millions dollars to Obama campaign donors.

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