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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preezy shames himself at fundraiser

  Not that this Preezy is above shaming himself and his country, but here we go again.
  You probably know that the PREEZY is making the rounds to various non-standard, shall we say, communication outlets.
  Like going on Jimmy Kimmel, reciting the PREEZY monologue.
  Like People Magazine.
  And Entertainment Tonight.
  And radio djs who "flirt with the POTUS" and ask profound questions like "What superpower do you want?
  And like the Pimp with a Limp radio show.
  But he also brags about hanging with celebrities, who adore him to the tune of childish justifications, foul abuse of his opponents and millions and millions of dollars.
  So over at Legal Insurrection, blogger Joel Engel decided to take a look at where Obama was last night after he left the Letterman show:

Did you ever wonder who Jay-Z is?  In case you don’t know, he’s a renowned hip-hop artist and entrepreneur who began his rise to .1 percent status by writing, uh, lyrics like this (caution: bad language ahead): 
Motherfuckers wanna act loco
Hit ‘em wit, numerous shots with the fo’-fo’
Faggots wanna talk to po-po’s, smoke ‘em like cocoa
Fuck rap, coke by the boatload
Fuck that, on the run-by, gun high, one eye closed
Left holes through some guy clothes
Stop your bullshittin’, glock with the full clip
Motherfuckers better duck when the fool spit
One shot could make a nigga do a full flip
See the nigga layin’ shocked when the bullet hit
Make room in the Great American Songbook.  No wonder Obama lavished such praise on him: 
Every time I talk to Jay-Z, who is a brilliant talent and a good guy, I enjoy how he thinks. 
And what about how Jay-Z acts? 
In early December of 1999, Jay-Z was charged with first-degree assault and second-degree assault after Untertainment Records executive Lance “Un” Rivera wasstabbed once in the stomach and once in the shoulder. According to Newsweek, Jay-Z suspected that Rivera had released bootleg copies of his fourth album, an act that would lead to the loss of millions of dollars in rightful profits. 
Jay-Z later pleaded guilty, and in a deal with prosecutors served three years probation for acts of violence that had been motivated by what Democrats like to call “greed”—which, come to think about it, pretty much describes the whole fundraiser.
  Of course, Barack Hussein Obama is known to, um, not be bothered by illegal activity, foul language, hateful speech and even terrorist activities in the lives of his compatriots.
  How else could he spend 20 years with a minister with screams invectives about the United States?
  And hang out with the likes of Bill Ayers, terrorist who bragged about his murderous activities? 
  And a crook who paid for his house in Chicago and is now in prison? 
 Or should be?
  And radical socialists who mirror the Occupiers? 
  And sworn communists like Frank Marshall Davis?
  I could go on.
  The truth is he'll rent himself out and take money from anybody, even misogynists and vicious anti-Christianists.
  I guess that's the difference between a PREEZY and a President.
  Boy, Bill Clinton set that standard so high we didn't think it could go any lower.

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