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Friday, September 14, 2012

The American Left Joins Muslims in Their Hatred of Free Speech

Relative to my partner's post, Why supporting Sam Bacile's constitutional rights is essential, we have grown to expect a large degree of lunacy in the afternoon and evening hours at MSNBC but the guests on Morning Joe usually don't go off the deep end. Jonah Goldberg over at National Review Online writes that Mike Barnacle, the plagiarizer, and Donny Deutsch as well as University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler all agreed that the people behind the video should be indicted as accessories to murder. As I did see the show I'm reluctant to comment on it but I encourage you to read the Goldberg post. Also they want to have Terry Jones arrested too although it not clear he has anything to do with this film. Now American liberals join radical Muslims in advocating the coercive elimination of free speech.
Update: Here is a short video where Barnacle calls for the arrest of Terry Jones.

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