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Friday, September 14, 2012

Shocking: Hillary responsible for Libya deaths?

  A few days ago after the brutal murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Hillary asked this profound question:
How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction?” 
  The Independent has reported from "diplomatic sources" that the State Department had 48 hours notice that embassies were targeted. 
  Certainly any 9/11 of any year would be a natural target, but State had further knowledge.
  Instead of arming the consulate where Stevens and 3 other Americans were staying, State chose to employ local guards who sympathized with the protesters and immediately ran away when the protest started. 
  Reports say that Libyan government sources had moved the 4 Americans and then told the rioters, believed to be more than just rioters but rather terrorists who carefully planned the attack, the location of the safe house.
  In fact, the house where Stevens was staying had paper thin walls, not even bullet proof glass.
  Breitbart is all over this. 
  Hillary ignored the warnings.
  Hillary kept Marines out of Libya.
  Is Obama complicit?
  Today he proposed cutting embassy security and construction.
  The point of not having armed Marines was to create a "low profile" in these countries, to trust the locals regardless of their previous behavior and lawless mentality, foolish as that seems now.
  Breitbart has requested through FOIA for a document bearing Hillary's signature declaring the Rules of Engagement, a document that presumably exists, according to Colonel David Hunt:
Hunt added that the rules of engagement specific to each country or military situation are drawn up by State Department lawyers and approved by the chain of command. "There should be a document with Hillary’s signature and the Secretary of Defense's specific to Libya. It was signed after Khadafi fell from power.  You'll have to ask the State Department to get the document. They might claim it's classified, but it shouldn't be."
  When queried today about the lack of Marines, a State Department spokeswomen replied this way: 
MS. NULAND: It’s not a matter of marines necessarily being a qualitatively different way of securing. There are many other ways to secure that are equivalent, too. 
  So State considers local Islamic hirees to be not different "qualitatively" than a significant contingent of Marines bearing loaded weapons.
  Is Hillary familiar with the Afghani soldiers who've turned on their NATO and American trainers? With Iraqi soldiers who've done the same?
  Since when are Marines "qualitatively equivalent" to Islamic locals?
  Are those "diplomatic sources" who revealed this information about Hillary to the Independent emissaries of Obama?
  Is Obama throwing Hillary under the bus?
  Did the constant crowing over Osama's death at the Democrat National Convention exacerbate the current violence?
  Did Hillary's crowing over Qaddaffi's death have anything to do with this?
  Video of Hillary asking, "How could this happen in a country we helped liberate" here.

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