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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The nanny state's ominous face

  And so we jump across the pond to the town of Swansea where a poor fellow happened to be meandering around town and into a pub with a couple of tools of his trade in his back pocket.
  He's an electrician who just finished a job at a shop and thought he'd bounce on over to a local pub, where he drank a few pints, got happy and then was tased by the local police with 50,000 volts because some suspicious nanny spotted the tools in his back pocket and called the authorities who jumped him and sank a few volts in his back because he had been walking unsteadily.
  What were the vicious tools of his trade held in his back pocket?
  Two small screwdrivers and a small knife.
  The case was ultimately dropped because of the inconsistencies in testimony of the police who tased the electrician.
  Once the culture walks down the road of attempting to take obsessive care of even those who won't care for themselves, of minding every person's business, of imposing a second bill of rights that will assure everyone such things as good paying jobs...
  Once we walk down this road, collapse is ultimately guaranteed.
  When  homeowners are fined or imprisoned for defending their own homes from marauders, murderers and burglars, when some of the strictest gun laws in the world are passed, when scaremongering becomes part of a government's standard procedure for passing laws, then the passage of any law restricting or assuring anything is possible.
  This is the face of the nanny state: fed and "protected" by the government, there is no end to the demands for more restrictions, more free stuff, more "rights" for all and more laws limiting freedom. 
  Hiding behind the masks of those folks who want to pass those "well-meaning" laws and enticing government handouts are hiding some very ugly faces whose primary goals include controlling every aspect of human existence.
  Read this among the comments at the article at the Daily Mail about the electrician:
I wonder what the court's/public's response would have been if this man hadn't been challenged, and had then gone on to jam a screwdriver into the back of a young mother's head in the middle of Peacocks? [SNIP] walking drunk through a shopping centre with a screwdriver sticking out of his pocket is a very stupid thing to do. In this instance he meant no harm, but he could just as easily been a nutter, so police were right to challenge him, even if they were extreme afterwards. Maybe the man won't be so stupid next time.
  No running with scissors for that commenter! Think of what COULD have happened if....!
  Fear rules!
  So pass a law restricting the size of a cola drink.
  Pass a seatbelt law because someone might get hurt.
  Pass a law fining profanity
  Call for the prosecution of a filmmaker who made a really stupid film.
  After all, you never know what could happen!
  It all seems so innocuous at first. This or that would be good so people can't hurt themselves, won't gain weight or won't offend others.
  Where all this leads has a Kristallnachtian air to it. 
  Where that leads, only the nannies know.

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