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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Univision Will Air Its Fast and Furious Investigation

This evening Univision will air its investigation into Fast and Furious and it will not pull punches. The Spanish-language channel says the “Aqui y Ahora” program will expose the true deadly toll. Expecting a large mainstream audience it will caption the program in English. Gerardo Reyes, Univision’s director of investigative reporting maintains that for Fast and Furious to have been successful Mexicans had to die.
“The sinister part of this, and I know it sounds very hard, is that the success of this operation depended in part on the fact that the guns were used in Mexico to kill,” says Mr. Reyes. “In order to reach the target of the operation, which was identifying the drug traffickers who were using the guns, [ATF agents] were waiting for the guns to be used. And how are guns used in Mexico? Killing people. I talked to an ATF agent who said there was no other way to explain it.”
Readers will remember that both Romney and Obama addressed Univision's "Meet the Candidates" program. Romney got a polite but reserved reception but the questions addressed to Obama were the most direct he has faced since long before his election. "What do you consider to be your biggest failure as president?' was one question I remember.
The program will detail Fast and Furious ties to the massacre of 16 teenage boys and girls in Ciudad Juarez and the murder of Mario Gonzalez Rodriguez, the brother of the former Chihuahua attorney general, the extent to which the Mexican government knew about the program, and an interview with a drug trafficker who says he heard from colleagues that the US government was selling guns to the cartels.

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