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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Unreal: 16 kids and counting, all on welfare

  You may have heard of this woman in the past but here she is again.
  She is the unlikely-named Angel Adams who, several years ago, stood in front of a news camera and shouted angrily, "Somebody needs to be held accountable! Somebody needs to pay!"
  What is this?
  It's her fifteen children by 3 different men, 1 of whom fathered 10 of them and who is currently in jail.
  This story is really unbelievable and pretty far removed from anything most people are familiar with.  She can't seem to understand that she's the one who needs to take responsibility for her behavior.
  Now she's back, pregnant with her 16th child at the age of 39. Mind you, she has no money and the fathers of her children provide nothing. She has no clothing for them, provides nothing herself, and simply depends on the state to provide her with what they need to get by.
  At one point in this video, the judge and about 8 people are sitting around a table with her. The judge points out that all these people are here to help her and her children, yet she responds only by digging a deeper hole for herself and her family. Yet she remains resentful, angry and demanding.
  Watch and be glad you are not related to her as she would surely drain everything she could from anyone she knows.
  She blames every social program, everyone who's tried to help her, the system...everyone but herself.
  Even though she's been given a house, furniture, clothing, food...all to no avail.

  The Other McCain has much more and commentary.
UPDATE: And, surprise, surprise, her older kids are turning out to be criminals.

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