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Friday, July 27, 2012

Romney gaffe prone? I think not.

  Wow. Imagine this. 
  You have a global event taking place in a city that has been ravaged by Islamists who have even claimed areas of London as Shariah zones. Recently a nefarious al Qaeda supporter (who was tagged as such, btw) was picked up for the fifth in the area of the global event.
  In fact, the UK intelligence chief has said specifically that this global event would make a terribly inviting event.
  Then it's announced on the news that, of the 1000 security guards privately hired to police the global event, only 2, TWO showed up.
  And of the 2, TWO, one had to be let go because he was high.
  And the Republican candidate for the president, who ten years ago pulled the Olympics together, makes a comment that perhaps the Brits aren't ready and it was a bit disconcerting.
  What does the press do?
  Gaffe prone Romney.
  Romney insulted the Brits.
  Horror (from a pol who said that citizens smell when wandering the Capitol.)
  We take offense!
  Can you find the security story anywhere? No. All you find is the "gaffe prone" Romney.
  You know, the guy who said there were 57 states
  And you didn't build your own business.
  Yeah, that's the guy.
  Why would anyone be worried when no one shows up for security at a global event.

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