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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Boehner Won't Block HHS Mandates

Maybe it's time John Boehner stepped down. Assuming that the Republicans can hold on to the House they really need to elect a new Speaker. Many of us have held our tempers and our tongues as promises have been broken. The promise to cut $100 billion from the budget immediately after the 2010 election ended up being a paltry $30 million or about 5 % of what was lost on Solyndra alone; not to mention the countless billion that went to Obama donors in other DOE grants and loans.
Nancy Pelosi at least fought for her party's principles. On September 30, because the Senate has failed to pass a budget, the next fiscal year must be funded through a continuing resolution. The implementation of the prime weapon of Obama's war on religion, the HHS mandates cannot be funded without the cooperation if not the literal consent of the Speaker. Yet the Speaker without saying how, indicates the problem can be resolved by"other than legislative avenues."
Senate Democrats are threatening to dump the economy into the trash unless a tax increase on small business is passed and the Speaker doesn't have the gumption to stand up for religion and the unborn. It's times like this we all yearn for the aggressive leadership of Denny Hastert. Mr. Speaker either you do it or the man who takes your place will. You can see Boehner confronted on camera here.

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