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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Obama's Little Auschwitz

In a post Sunday I reported on vandalism in Connecticut nursing homes by striking employees who deliberately imperiled the lives of Alzheimer's patients. When the operator of the nursing homes asked for an investigation the state's Attorney General, in an obvious vassalage to the SEUI, refused to execute the duties of his office, placing his political loyalty to craven hoodlums above the legal demands of his office and the ethical dictates of his profession. Lest readers think that this incident is the nadir of bad results of governmental intrusion into health care it is dwarfed in comparison to heinous and inhuman treatment perpetrated on innocent life in Afghanistan.
The graphics viewed by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will remind some of the Life Magazine photos of Auschwitz they viewed as teenagers. This is after the government spent over $100 million on Dawood National Military Hospital in Afghanistan. Patient neglect continued for months after U.S. officials discovered it, as Afghan officials rebuffed American pressure to take action. When two US Army colonels asked for an inspector general investigation the were blocked by Lieutenant General William Caldwell because-and this sworn testimony- it was too close to the 2010 elections. Caldwell, who under a Bush administration would be patrolling the exercise yard at Leavenworth, noted that Obama called him Bill. Touching.
President FoodStamp has presided over the deliberate dissemination of national security secrets, the malfeasance and murder that was Fast and Furious and now Little Auschwitz and no one has lost his job but we should remember he has a lot on his plate.

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